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Thank you for choosing our website as your convenient online store for TailWalk USA designer boating apparel and fishing clothes. If you've been looking for a comfortable cotton tee to wear on deck or below, then look no further. You're at the best place on the web for shopping for quality TailWalk-logo unisex shirts, casual fishing clothing, oceanwear, artistic fish shirts, designer fishing tank tops and ladies short-sleeve tagless tees. Wearing an original artistic TailWalk fish graphic will add definition to your casual wardrobe for blue-water boating, deep-sea fishing or just hanging out at the local Tiki bar. Let people know how the influences, inspirations and experiences of the Deep Blue have played a major role in your life commitments. TailWalk has the perfect designer short-sleeve fishing shirt to accent your individual style. Before you leave, don't forget to shop for fishing apparel for your captain, first mate and crew.
Our Enjoy the Fight cotton tee features a tagless TailWalk label and soft hand-applied inks for a softer feel whether you're spending the day strapped to a boat's fishing chair or reading a good book below deck. The newer Enjoy the Fight II fishing tee is just as comfortable as the original but has the TailWalk logo printed on the front with our schooling sailfish design on the t-shirt's backside. TailWalk's new TAG ME premium cotton tee was inspired by an Emile Petro III's print of the "Soulless Blue" marlin that's eluded his catch-and-release tag for years. Available in white or medium charcoal, our TAG ME t-shirt is made from pure ring-spun cotton for comfort and durability. Anyone who has spent the day battling a giant blue marlin will understand TailWalk's inspiration for the collection's black & blue t-shirt graphics. Emile's stunning design captures the big fish's constant search along the ocean's shelf for his next fight.
Ladies, all of our men's TailWalk logo-tees are printed on unisex t-shirts and will compliment your blue jeans, Capri pants or deck shorts for a day at sea or a night ashore. Our collections' Sail Away tank tops feature TailWalk's "eroded sail" graphics print wrapped around the left side of a lightweight, strapped tank top in chocolate brown, hot pink or olive grey. These stunning lines of ladies' fish shirts are as comfortable as they are beautiful. The TailWalk Chasing Tuna ladies fish print tee features a comfortable tagless label and is made from super soft ring-spun cotton with a slight stretch, longer length and fashionably short sleeves. Available in white, powder blue and brown, the TailWalk logo is printed in a vertical wrap on the t-shirts left side with the artist's depiction of schooling blue marlins in pursuit of their next meal.
The newest fish designs are featured on TailWalk's Eroded Sail and Release premium cotton tees with original graphics on the front and back. This fishing shirt was inspired by the crafty sailfish that first danced a tail walk on the end Emile's fishing line before leaving him spooled and forever in search of that next big battle with a billfish. TailWalk has long been an avid supporter of Tag and Release programs implemented to ensure the sport of big game fishing is around forever and for all to enjoy. Most designs of our TailWalk USA collection of fishing shirts, designer tees and tank tops are available in a broad range of sizes from a ladies' small to a men's XXL. We're always adding new colors for all of our oceanwear, fishing clothing, ladies tank tops, fish shirts and TailWalk-logo fishing apparel, so check back often for the latest in our collection. 



Few artists have captured the grace, the beauty and the intense courage of the deepwater inhabitants that for centuries have provided saltwater anglers the "thrill of a lifetime". It's been over five decades since Ernest Hemingway popularized the obsessive quest of Santiago, an aging Cuban fisherman driven to a state of delirium by a soulless blue marlin. The Old Man and the Sea recounts the epic battle between an elderly village fisherman and a great blue that pulled his skiff around the Gulf of Mexico for days. Artist Emile T. Petro III has captured the silent dignity and tenacious stare of the giant billfish in his popular collection of original fish art. Soulless Blues, a 22X30 rendering of a giant blue marlin, is a TailWalk Collection exclusive and available online as an original, a 299 limited edition Gicl�e museum-grade reproduction or a 1900 limited edition print.

Emile's love of deepwater boating and offshore fishing sets the theme for his series of artworks dedicated to the dolphin fish, known by most saltwater enthusiasts as "Mahi Mahi" or Dorado. One of the most popular sports fish for blue water anglers, nothing causes quite as much panic and confusion as several bull dolphins hitting multiple trolling lines. The artist has captured the blunt elegance and powerful body of the dolphin in his work Classic Mahi, which is available as an 11X24 original, Giclee reproduction or print. Bull Run is an 18X24 piece of original fish-artwork that captures the powerful run of a bull dolphin through the flotsam along the weed lines of the Gulf Stream. This beautiful rendering of a mahi bull fish is also available in Gicl�e reproductions and prints in 15X20 sizes. Often found in pairs, the female mahi, or cow, is equally as powerful as her male counterpart and has been captured by the artist in his 18x24 artwork titled Blended Mahi.

As an avid angler, the artist often speaks of his first encounter with a majestic billfish. Trolling with lightweight fishing tackle off a twenty-foot center console boat, a sailfish hit and ran with the bait. The saltwater fishing line screamed as a big sailfish danced his tail walk across the beautiful deep blue water. Emile captured the centical look of the elusive and speedy sailfish in his artwork entitled Sailwatch. Noted for its spirited fight and unbelievable aerial displays, the sailfish's rounded spear-like snout and discerning eyes make this original fish art a trophy catch for any blue water art collector. TailWalk's online store offers original artwork, museum quality Gicl�e reproductions and fine art prints of the elusive blue marlin, sailfish, pompano and yellow fin tuna. Check our Fishing Clothing section for new designer tees based on the artist's original renderings.

A yellow fin tuna is a prized catch on any blue water angler's saltwater rod and reel. The tuna's striking appearance features a dark metallic blue and silver-sided body highlighted with yellow stripes and yellow fins. In Yellow Fin, the artist captured the tuna's soft mouth, streamlined body and stoic look as it swims along the temperate waters of the Gulf Stream in the western Atlantic. This attractive catch is available from the artist as an original 22X30 or as a Gicl�e reproduction in either 15X20 or 18X24 prints. If you've ever raked the beach for sand fleas, you can truly appreciate our TailWalk Collection's artistic fish rendering called Sand Flea in honor of the Gulf of Mexico's seafood delicacy, the Pompano. Sometimes simply called jacks, the Pompano's silvery body and forked tail make for an attractive art piece that's available as an original, Gicl�e reproduction or fine art print.

If you're looking for an investment in original artwork and love the deep blue waters, any piece of fish art in the TailWalk Collection will add value and beauty to your favorite room on land or at sea. Gicl�e reproductions are printed on museum-grade paper and protected under UV glass to eliminate fading. All prints are hand embellished by Emile and come with a "Certificate of Authenticity" from the artist. Please continue to browse our website for other artwork and original Emile Petro III designer fishing clothes and fishing hats. You can use any of our website's convenient features to contact us via email or to Call Us Now and speak directly with a TailWalk representative. Let us know how we can improve your online shopping experience for quality fishing apparel and fine art prints of the most popular tail walkers.


Saltwater anglers and boating enthusiasts understand the need for a comfortable and functional fishing hat when spending a day on the water for fishing or cruising. We designed the latest line of TailWalk fishing caps and fishing visors with those needs in mind. Our TailWalk Essential Cap or TailWalk Essential Visor is a true designer fishing-hat crafted from premium twill cloth with detailed brim and logo stitching. Let other boaters and anglers know that you support responsible efforts to protect the opportunity for future generations of deepwater anglers to witness a fighting billfish's dance and spectacular tail walk. Available in exciting new colors like seaweed green, bronze, purple and yellow, each unisex cap or visor features a non-corrosive Velcro closure and a handstitched TailWalk logo with our red "Tag and Release" flag (see Billfish Tag and Release Program below).
TailWalk fishing hats and visors are the perfect compliment for your crew's next adventure at sea. Whether you're tournament fishing or boating to your next destination, our stylish designer fishing hats will add a finishing touch to any mate's wardrobe. Our TailWalk Enjoy the Fight unisex ball cap or TailWalk Enjoy the Fight fishing visor is fashioned from the highest quality of premium twill with contrasting stitching. The TailWalk logo is dedicated to the Soulless Blue marlin that will forever swim the deep shelves of the ocean's blue water in search of the next angler's bait line. Our low profile fishing caps and visors are available in special seafaring colors like midnight black, gulf blue or purple. We understand how special a favorite fishing hat can be. That's why we made the TailWalk Collection of fishing ball caps and visors from the finest material to go wherever you go on land or at sea.


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